Healthiest Fast Food

When you think of healthy meal choices, fast food is not the first thing that comes to mind. Fast food items are normally high in calories, sodium, and fat content. The important thing to remember is to avoid items with cheese, bacon, or sauces. Many side orders can have as many calories as the burger itself, and it is always a good idea to skip dessert. It is not recommended to eat at fast food establishments if you are watching your weight, but some chains are significantly better than others in nutrition.

Subway – 295 average calories for 6” sandwich

Subway has been running television commercials for years touting their nutritional superiority over other fast food restaurants.  Their claims are valid. Subway 6 inch sandwiches have an average of 295 calories which is much better than the 540 calories of the McDonalds Big Mac. The average subway sandwich also has 10 grams of fat and 8 of their sandwiches have less than 6 grams. The sodium content of their sandwiches vary wildly from 500mg to over 1200mg, but that is still better than most hamburgers. If you avoid the cheese and sauces, a subway sandwich can be one of your best choices for eating fast food.

Arbys – 490 average calories for roast beef sandwich

Arbys specializes in roast beef sandwiches that normally average less than 500 calories. Adding cheddar cheese increases the calories quite a bit for their sandwiches. The Ham & Swiss melt comes in at an impressive 300 calories. The fat content is under 20 grams for most sandwiches and the sodium amount averages between 1200mg and 1600mg. Arbys is a healthier alternative to most burger restaurants, but try to avoid the curly fries. A medium size order has as many calories as the sandwich.

Schlotzskys – 540 average calories for a small sandwich

Although not as healthy as Subway, Schlotzskys sandwiches are still a good choice for the health conscious consumer. The key is to get a sandwich that does not have a sauce or mayonnaise such as the Turkey Salad. A turkey breast sandwich only has 342 calories and several more are under 400 calories. Avoid the deluxe original style which has 738 calories just for the small size. The fat content is a little high on most sandwiches, but the chicken and turkey breast both come in under 7 grams of fat each. The sodium content varies tremendously on each sandwich with the Fresh Veggie sandwich having the lowest amount at 751mg. The nutrition numbers for the wraps are surprisingly no better than the sandwiches and a few have actually more calories.

Eating at fast food restaurants on a regular basis is never a good idea, but the above 3 restaurants will help you control your waistline if you choose the right items..

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