Tramadol for relieving neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain is a condition in which the pain is caused by damage to the nervous system resulted from different factors. Unlike typical musculoskeletal pain, this type of pain is rarely caused by direct injury to tissue or any specific part of the body. It’s the malfunctioning of nerves that carry pain signals that causes this type of pain. That is why it is often quite hard to diagnose and find the actual cause for. The usual symptoms associated with these types of pain are shooting sensations and increased sensitivity to usually non-painful contact. It is regarded as a hardly treatable condition because it’s hard to address the actual cause of the condition. Usually doctors prescribe anti-convulsion or antidepressant medications that help normalize the functions of the nervous system but have a range of side effects that make their application problematic. Tramadol is by far the only painkiller medication that observed to provide beneficial effects in patients suffering from neuropathic pain.

During a series of clinical trials conducted in 2008 and involving a total of 374 patients, different doses of Tramadol were given to people with neuropathic pain conditions. Patients were given different doses of Tramadol and it was observed that taking doses between 100 and 400 mg per day can effectively help in relieving peripheral neuropathic pain. Some of the studies have included comparison between Tramadol and such potent narcotic painkillers as morphine and clomipramine. The results showed that it’s hard to distinct which of the drugs is more effective for conditions like these since they all had the same effectiveness. However, taking the fact that Tramadol is much safer to take and has less side effects, it’s certainly better to use it rather than take such potent and potentially dangerous substances as morphine.

Tramadol, this pill with stamping an 627, is a prescription drug and it requires certain safety measures to be taken in order to avoid possible side effects. First of all, you should follow your doctor’s prescriptions and avoid taking the drug for longer than indicated or in larger doses than the doctor told you. Some people have problems with taking Tramadol because of pre-existing conditions. This especially applies to patients with seizure disorders (such as epilepsy), history of substance abuse or mental disorders. Consult with your doctor before taking Tramadol for relieving neuropathic pain. Maybe it’s not safe for you to take this drug at all. Don’t take such decisions on your own.

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